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Creating successful flexible teams

Transformed Teams is a workplace culture agency helping your business thrive in a rapidly changing world of work.

We work with leaders who want to achieve win-wins for their people, to create productive, cohesive and thriving teams that deliver on your business goals. 

While COVID-19 has exacerbated the challenge of creating a happy and successful workplace, it has also increased the opportunity for improved productivity and reduced costs through flexible working. 

It is now clear that businesses that don’t provide flexibility to their employees are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to employee satisfaction. In New Zealand, 66% of people want to work from home daily or weekly post lockdown according to the University of Otago.

Transformed Teams supports your business. We:

  1. Resolve communication issues that get in the way of productive flexible work
  2. Create flexibility that works both ways – for your business and people who want to work flexibly
  3. Support your management team to lead their teams confidently
  4. Explore ways to improve your customer care through flexible work
  5. Increase employee satisfaction measurably
Our clients enjoy peace of mind that their flexible teams are productive and committed.  
We have been the leaders in developing flexible workplaces since 2013. Our strategic flexibility framework has been adopted by the Australian and New Zealand governments. 
Our clients are usually in New Zealand or Australia or work with us online.

The faces behind Transformed Teams

We work as a virtual team based out of Wellington, Queenstown and San Francisco.

Nina Fountain

Founder and Workplace Strategist

Nina Fountain
Founder, Workplace Strategist

Nina has found the hidden secrets of genuine workplace flexibility. She makes these tools and insights accessible to a wider audience through her workplace culture agency Transformed Teams. Nina has led the way through workplace disruption since 2011. She champions the win-win of flexible and remote working for both workplaces and individuals. Nina has worked for businesses large and small and is the author of a published framework that guides large employers across Australia and New Zealand in their approach to flexible work. Nina is passionate about the rewards of distributed work styles and is an expert at creating transformational change.

Karline de Boer


Karline de Boer

Karline uncovers the hidden trends in workplaces through occupancy studies and interviews. She is a field worker and researcher passionate about talking and really listening to people to uncover decisive insights. Karline supports your workplace strategy with the information you need to really understand your unique forward path. As a highly valued member of our team, Karline is a powerful asset in your workplace change.

Hayley Morris


Hayley Morris

Holding the motto that she can learn anything she puts her mind to, Hayley has developed skills in a broad variety of categories from business to art, using her creative mind to bring life the new vision of Transformed Teams. Creating since her early days, Hayley has sold branding and artwork to vendors internationally.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her children and is always up for a good read with some hot chocolate.

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