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Why your next strategic move should be to disrupt your work style

Self-driving cars will hit the road at the end of this year. What do self-driving cars have to do with your business? Perhaps more than you previously thought. Did you know that this year BMW will release 40 self-driving cars? Volvo also expects to release 100 self-driving cars this year and Tesla will enable full

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Distributed teams: The growth strategy used by the savviest startups

Growing an amazing business requires strategy and breakthrough thinking. In this article we propose an approach you may not have thought of.   For many small businesses seeking growth, there are essential elements required for your growth strategy.   Whilst it is important to have a good understanding of your current state – ‘where are

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Activity Based Working is one way to thrive in the future of work

HR is not a particularly safe profession at the moment – information systems and HR technology are supporting some roles but replacing others. Like many other white collar jobs, the coming wave of innovation presents challenges and opportunities.  A colleague and I met over lunch this week to plan a presentation we’ll be delivering on the topic

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