Flexible Working Solutions

Remote Teams Online Workshop: ‘Making Remote Meetings Work’

A dynamic online workshop run by a workplace strategy expert. Take away proven methodologies and tools to implement remote meetings in your business the very same day.

Remote Work Troubleshooting Session

A bespoke online consult session that will empower you with proven strategies, tactics and solutions to implement and optimise remote work within your team.

Remote Team Master Plan

A comprehensive, bespoke strategy and support program built to ensure you and your team implement flexible, remote work successfully.

‘Flexi-work’: Strategy & Support

An all-inclusive, future ready facelift for your business. We help you transform your teams through the successful implementation of flexible, remote work with expert advice, training and support.

Unlock Your Workplace Potential.

schedule a complimentary Flexible Workplace Consultation.

Session includes:

  • Discussion with an expert on core topics
  • Bespoke question and answer segment 
  • Access to practical tools and frameworks to implement remote work meetings in your business
  • A recording of the session for future reference 

With nearly half of employed Aussies & New Zealanders completely new to remote work, we understand the difficulties associated with introducing this practice to most workplaces. 

We empower leaders and managers to make remote meetings a success. By giving you the right tools for your unique workplace, we arm you with the confidence to be the champion of change for your team.

Session topics:

  • What makes a remote meeting successful?
  • How to select the technology that will serve you best
  • What to do before, during and after your remote meeting 
  • Tricks and insights from successful remote companies to take your meetings to the next level

Session includes:

  • Clarity on how to deal with the specific issues facing you and your team, as you work remotely or flexibly 
  • Examples from other businesses/teams that have worked this way successfully
  • Time to workshop and problem solve with an expert
  • New ideas, information and frameworks to help you find your best approach

Implementing remote or flexible work within your team can come with new challenges that appear overwhelming at first. 

They can include:

  • Difficulty monitoring performance
  • Lack of confidence in team members
  • Lack of connection between team members
  • Weakening team culture

We give you tailored advice and expert knowledge on how to combat the bumps in your road to successful remote work, arming you with the confidence to face these issues head on. 

Program includes:

  • Capability diagnostic
  • Team member training 
  • 2 x facilitated team ‘co-design’ sessions
  • Tech support with setting up the home office
  • Facilitated team check-ins 
  • Support for leaders/managers
  • Bespoke team charter 

Get your team ‘future ready’ with our remote work strategy and support program. Complete with custom plan, training, leader support and facilitated team sessions, we will ensure you smoothly implement remote, flexible work in your team. 

We support your leaders throughout the initial transition stage, equipping them with proven strategies to ensure flexible, remote work works for everyone in the team! We teach you how to handle flexible work ‘teething issues’ and develop custom solutions so the process flows smoothly; remaining inclusive for all team members. 

Since offering this service in 2015, we’ve found that teams who use it become more loyal to their employer and more fulfilled in their work life.

Program includes:

  • Capability diagnostic
  • Manager and team member training
  • Bespoke remote team action plans 
  • Change management and communication strategies
  • Expert advice on creating or changing your flexible work policy

For those not familiar with flexible and remote work, its implementation and management can appear like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. 

We support leaders and managers to make the transition from old ways of working to the new ‘flexi-work’ model smooth and successfully. Based on tailored scopes of work, our proven ‘action and support’ program gives you the appropriate methodologies to introduce and manage remote, flexible work within your business in a holistic way. 

This program addresses all core issues that arise from the transition from old ways of working to new, flexible models. 


  • Difficulty monitoring performance
  • Lack of tech confidence in team members
  • Weakening team culture and connectivity
  • Break of trust between team members 

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